Director Ravi Babu is back with a film whose cast is young and fresh

Director Ravi Babu is in an upbeat mood as he's set to release his film Nuvvila next Friday. The director has an uncanny ability to spot talent, be it newcomers or people whose potential has not been fully exploited and casts them in his dramas. In an exclusive chat, he says he just takes chances with actors and never gives up on them, “I do make bad choices but even if I take a bad actor, I make them go through the grind, after all I believe every person has his share of plus points and I tend to capitalise on them.”

Being an intelligent film maker with aesthetic taste, he is also known for having sound technical knowledge. However, he had never made a film with popular actors.

He remarks, “Most of the stars are my friends and so far I didn't put myself in the process of writing a script for them. My next film will be with stars to dispel the rumours. I operate differently, money has never been the criterion, I will do only those films that will excite me.”

Nuvvila is touted to be a simple, fun and unpretentious film. It is a young teeny bopper romantic comedy, an integrated story of few boys and girls. Nacchavule with Ushakiron Movies was about one boy and one girl with the five point formula, this time he wanted to use a bunch of boys and girls and put them in interesting situations.

He says, “This is new to me as I have never tried to sell two or three stories at the same time. Nacchavule was about taking people for granted and missing them when they are not around, so a story was built around them. Writing a screenplay for this film was difficult, it was actually one story but in effect three stories in parallel track. Satyanand helped me with it. All the three are unique in their own way and my purpose would be defeated if I were to point out one of them as my favourite; each has it's own flavour and core emotion and is very modern in approach.”

But why do one more with Ramoji Rao again? Ravi Babu avers, “Everyone tries for a comfortable equation. He gives me a creative liberty without any questions asked. My description would be very brief, they wouldn't know much about it and that works well for me too as they let me be and I make the film with minimum wastage.”

Adding more on Nuvvila he narrates how he roped in his six actors through the net and avoided the process of auditioning. One of them was spotted at a studio and the director had the log books searched to know his identity .

For heroines he was okay with girls who ended up being in one bad film, one was from Kerala and the other a localite - nevertheless he stresses all of them were engaging, disciplined and enthusiastic kids from whom he actually learnt quite a few things.

Finally ask him the highpoint of his project he quips, “I think it's the total entertainment value of the film. My previous film makes a big impact on how I make my next film. I never try to make the same film twice.”