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Updated: January 18, 2014 18:42 IST

For families

Y. Sunita Chowdhary
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Allari Naresh as Laddu Babu.
Allari Naresh as Laddu Babu.

Director Ravi Babu targets family audience for his ‘Laddu Babu’

Ravi Babu is targeting ‘complete family audience’ this time with Laddu Babu, starring Allari Naresh. The story of Laddu Babu will apparently be funny, sensitive and heart warming. He has already revealed almost the entire plot in the trailer. He’s keen that people know what kind of film they will be watching, “I didn’t want them to think it was some cheap slapstick comedy because of the presence of some fat guy. I revealed the story of Avunu in the trailer too,” says the director.

Ravi informs that it was a task to make a bony Naresh look fat. The idea germinated 12 years back but he had no clue whom to cast and how to go about it. Everything fell in place once he talked about it with his team and spoke to the producer. As for Naresh getting into the character of a fat man, Ravi Babu elaborates “It was an exercise in itself, we had to slow him down. I explained to him that fat people cannot move fast and he had to struggle to show his agility. He worked on it, the way he talked, move, sat etc.”

He adds, “For Naresh’s look, we located a company in England and explained our requirement. They cast his body, put a plaster on him and they started sculpting for the mould. It took time. I wanted a happy, cute teddy bear kind of guy but they made it long. I didn’t want that but when the final prosthetic was ready, we tried it and it looked bang on.” The matter didn’t end there, they got the fat suits made in England but when they got it here and tried it on, it started sagging at the bottom before the shoot due to the weight. They had to rip open the whole thing and had the local craftsmen work on it all over again.

Ask him if he is doing an Eddie Murphy, he denies. “It is a nice and an unusual relation between a fat man and a small boy. I will only make a film when I have something new to tell, and I hope and pray that people like it too.” The film is set to release on February 14.

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