The ‘We Care’ film festival, dedicated to the issues of the disabled, is all set to screen films in India and abroad this month

To remove the myths, misconceptions, prejudices and stereotypes about the disabled and disability through the medium of short films, film festival ‘We Care’ is once again gearing up to sensitise cinema watchers.

Brotherhood, a socio-cultural organisation associated with UNESCO, the National Trust, the Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT), Rapiscan System and the Global Rainbow Foundation came up with this festival which is in its eleventh year. Satish Kapoor, the founder of the festival says that the purpose is to make the people with disability feel welcome wherever they go. The idea is to lessen the gap between ‘they’ and ‘the public’. He argues that filmmakers should be sensitised about these issues through small workshops too.

‘We Care’ will screen the films in 25 venues including educational institutions, universities and hospitals across India and other countries including Paris, Mauritius, Dubai and Doha. The festival will start from August 2013 and finish in May 2014.

Brotherhood has been organising film festivals on disability issues since 2003. Award wining films like Dove’s Tale by Ambuja Kumar Satapathy and I, can Love too by Mrinmony Bhowmick have been screened in previous festivals. Some films have tackled issues of sexuality and marriage of persons with disability. The idea is to throw the light on ‘small’ things that form part of daily experience but are not discussed in the public sphere often.

The festival is being supported by Gulzar, Nandita Das, Revathy and Sanjeev Sachdeva from the industry.