Ooratchi Ondriyam

What it is about…

Pondimuni Pictures and KMK Productions are jointly coming out with the film Ooratchi Ondriyam. Written and directed by K.M. Krishnamurthy, the film features Sridhar, Thamali, Liyakath Ali Khan, R. Sunderrajan, ‘Ganja’ Karuppu, Rajendranath, Sadana and Lavanya. The camera is handled by Suresh Subramaniyan, the music is scored by S.R. Prasad, the dances are choreographed by Sathish, the editing is by Suresh and the art is by Mohana Rajendran. The story is about how a person gets involved in politics and what he loses and gains in the bargain. The audio of the film was released by K. Bhagyaraj and received by Abirami Ramanathan, while the trailer was released by producer K.R. and received by director R.K. Selvamani.

Music highlights

There are five songs in the film and the best one is ‘Vettri Mel Vettrivanthu’ written by Kalaikumar and sung by M.L.R. Karthikeyan. ‘Athi Athi’ written by the same lyricist and sung by the music director is neat, while ‘Ae Machane’ written by R. Murugesan is sung beautifully by Priyadharshini. The same lyricist’s next song ‘Leap Andil,’ sung by Mujeeb Rahman and Ramesh, is interesting. ‘Puthusa Poo Onnu,’ sung by Anitha and Mujeeb Rahman and written by K.M. Krishnamurthy and ‘Salem’ Kumar, is above average.

What they say…

Producers Kovai Dhandapani and Dindugal Sakthivel: Sakthivel and I are businessmen and we are involved in politics too. We liked the storyline which is about what happens in the day-to-day life of a politician. The film is ready for release and we are sure of its success.

Director K.M. Krishnamurthy: I have worked under S.D. Vendan, who made Inba and Mayanginean Thayanginean. Kovai Dhandapani is a friend of mine and when I told him the story he was keen on producing the film. I cast him as the villain; similarly, Dindugal Sakthivel plays an important role in the film. This is my debut movie and I have worked hard to make it big at the box office. The film features a TVS 50 race, an event that takes place every year in our village.

Hero Sridhar: I come from the same place, Pudukottai, as the director. In Chennai, I have always been connected with the media in some way or the other. As Ooratchi Ondriyam is a village subject, the director thought I would fit the role to a T. I have begun taking acting seriously and attend dance, gym and acting classes.

Music director S.R. Prasad: I have finished the 8th grade exam conducted by the Trinity College of Music and was taught by Augustine Paul. I also learnt Hindustani Music and have 60 jingles and four short films to my credit. This is my debut film and I am happy to score the music for it as it has a good storyline and a neat screenplay. When the songs were released it got me appreciation from different quarters.