The cast of the upcoming Malayalam film Sevens, a film revolving around the game of football, are wooing audiences the high-tech way. They shared interesting vignettes of on-set incidents with their fans during ‘The Bada Tweetup,' when they got together to interact with audiences on micro-blogging site Twitter.

Actors Asif Ali, Vineeth, Aju, Rajath, Amir and Vijeesh hit up casual conversations with active Twitter users in an informal tweeting session.

The actors started off by revealing, not only their nick names, but also the names they had given each other during the filming of the movie and the incidents that led to those names. Anecdotes of the shooting also evoked laughter.

While they hit the field hoping that the football scenes would be all fun, that hope evaporated as soon as they came up against a real sevens football team (sevens football is a game with seven members in a team). They were down on their knees as soon as the camera stopped rolling. The actors were all excited about the film and were waiting for its release with their fingers crossed.

“We have stepped up our online presence and tweetup is one of the initiatives we have planned to reach out to our audience. Events like this ensure that we could, to a certain extent, break barriers and build a community of consumers who connect with us,” said Jibran Asif, director, Abad Hotels and Resorts, which organised the event.

This was the second tweetup organised by the group.