The young actress is ecstatic about her budding career and the exciting opportunities it brings

Did Sri Mukhi’s performance get lost amongst all the other debutants in Life is Beautiful? Not really. She did get her five minutes of fame, playing a rich girl who goes against her brother’s wish and marries a middle class boy. She also played Allu Arjun’s sister in Julayi.

“Director Trivikram called us on Rakhi Pournami and offered me this role. It was quite a sweet and a sentimental gesture. A lot of people say that once we take up a sister’s role, it gets difficult to break a similar chain of offers. But I guess, it’s our choice whether to take up a sister’s role or not. I was scared at that moment, there were senior actors like Tulasi, Tanikella Bharani and Allu Arjun, and I’ve never been to an acting school. Imagine my plight! Once the shot was captured, Trivikram remarked Ammayi Baga Chesindhe! (The girl did well). At that point, I felt I had it in me to act.”

The actor is already in the process of winding up her part in debutant director Harshat Vidheya’s movie starring Arvind Krishna. She went to Ooty for the first time for it’s shooting and says she loved the place. The film has been tentatively titled Samayam Lo.

Talk about movies and her eyes sparkle, “I love this career, ask me which part about movies is not exciting and I will not be able to tell you. It is so colourful, we get to meet so many people here, and we learn a lot of things. I’m in the second year of dentistry and my parents insisted that I have a degree before I pursue my passion, so I am looking forward to completing it soon.”

The heroine from Nizamabad who was a television host reveals she was 96 kilos earlier and started dieting after which she got used to eating little. “It is important to look glamorous, exercise and stay free from stress. I’m just 19 and I’m getting offers from Tamil Nadu too. I want to consider them because they make realistic films and we actually learn to act. We are planning to take a place here in Hyderabad because we are visiting the city frequently. My mom runs a beauty parlour in Nizamabad and my dad is a government employee. It is difficult to get offers in films, but once you capitalise on the opportunity and get noticed, your life is made,” she says.