The chemistry of love

Uyir Mozhi is all about DNA for which director Rajaa has cast five actors — Sartaj, Shashi, Charms, Raithu and Bobby Antony — to represent the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Omega traits. Set against these five characteristic males is Keerthi as Priya, a young and beautiful music teacher. “In today’s world, there are no Alpha men as such, while men generally are a combination of Beta, Gamma, Omega and Delta. Each one has a typical trait which surfaces depending on the situation. Hence, when Priya comes across each of the five characters at different stages in her life, they fall in love with her and all of them want to marry her. How the DNA factor works in Priya’s relationship with each of them and finally, which one will match her DNA is what Uyir Mozhi is all about,” says Rajaa.

Unusual premise

Devyani has acted in all five films directed by Rajakumaran so far. So, when he decided to launch himself as the hero in his next film Thirumathi Thamizh, he had no hesitation casting Devyani as the heroine. Incidentally, this will be Devyani’s 75th film as a heroine. Says Rajakumaran: “I made my last film 10 years ago. In the meanwhile, I set up a studio and other production facilities. When I got the script for Thirumathi Thamizh ready, I had difficulty in finding an actor who would fit the role. Then I thought to myself, there are many directors who act in their own films; so why not me? That’s how I ended up donning the grease paint. The script is very different; usually in films, the story would end with the hero and heroine getting together and living happily ever after, the villain being disposed of. My premise was what if the hero was dispensed with and the villain makes off with the heroine?”

Look who’s the protagonist!

Clearly, Thambi Ramaiah is the star of Vu, directed by Ashik, fresh from a course in direction at FTI, Taramani. A Best Screenplay Award winner for the Tamil short film Vanjam at the 2011 Hungarian Film Festival, Ashik has made several shorts which have been screened at various competitions in India and abroad. Ashik has cast Thambi Ramaiah in two different looks to suit the characters he portrays in Vu, his first full-length feature. “Although he is the main protagonist, the role cannot be considered so as there is no hero in this film. As for the story, Thambi Ramaiah’s character aims at achieving something he himself knows will be difficult. So he ropes in four youngsters — Varun, Madhan Gopal, Selva and Sathya Sai — to help him in his endeavour. Will he succeed? Watch Vu,” says Ashik.

Focus on the feudal system

Set in Thanjavur in the 90s, Rajagopuram seeks to trace the changes that have taken place over the years, from an era of princes and zamindars. It showcases a father-son relationship in a feudal family. Playing a devoted son is Yuvan, while Thambi Ramaiah dons the father’s role. Director Farheed, who worked as an assistant on Kalavani, has made this film a complete family entertainer. “The rural backdrop of Thanjavur has lent itself very well to the theme. In interior areas of the district, vestiges of the feudal system remain and elders in the family find it difficult to adjust to the modern lifestyle. Yuvan represents modern youth. Cast opposite him is Arushi. The others in the cast include ‘Makapu’ Anand, Rithambika and Suri Appukutty,” says Farheed.