Arrambam seems to have done wonders to Arya’s career by creating a sophisticated image for the actor. It has obviously impressed director Vishnuvardhan enough to sign him on for his next film. Never one to shy away from multi-starrers, Arya is being teamed up with Vishnuvardhan’s brother Krishna in the yet-to-be-titled film. “Meanwhile, I am doing two films simultaneously — director S. P. Jananathan’s Purambokku and director Magizh Thirumeni’s Meagamann.” In a lighter vein, Arya says, “Yes, I know it sounds like ‘Superman’ or ‘Batman’. But it actually means ‘the captain of a ship’. Meagamann is an action drama in which I am paired with Hansika. Following this, I will be doing my own production, directed by Rajesh.” Thaman scores the music for Meagamann.

Wacky comedy

It wasn’t difficult for Jai to convince Nirmal Bala to produce his directorial debut, Andhra Mess. “Bala owns an agency that makes corporate films and I have been long associated with him as a Creative Director. We are like-minded and when Bala evinced interest in my wacky script, we decided to go ahead,” says Jai.

The title Andhra Mess denotes both ‘chaos’ and ‘cuisine.’ There are nine characters in the film of which two are women. Interestingly, Jai has given female names to male actors and vice versa. “That’s because, all of us have a little bit of the other sex in our psyche and it surfaces every now and then. You will find this quite evident in the way each character is portrayed and, each of them has the quality of a spice. Hence, I would say that the dishes (read: scenes) served in Andhra Mess will be quite spicy. The characters are realistic but live in a world of make-believe,” says Jai. “The concept of the movie is based on the philosophy that life is like a game of snooker. You aim for and hit one ball which in turn hits another and that hits another and eventually what enters the pocket is a totally different ball. Andhra Mess is about chances and opportunities. This is a riveting road movie about a group of eccentric crooks and the events that take place after a failed heist,” he adds.

Thoothan is Jeevan’s next

With 26 films to his credit, what can we expect from Selva in his upcoming film Thoothan? Thoothan will not only be an entertainer but will showcase hero Jeevan in a powerful role, says Selva. “You will see the difference in the characterisation and the screenplay. My comfort level with Jeevan is what will make this film a winner. Soundarya (Kannada actor Jayamala’s daughter) plays the female lead in Tamil for the first time, although she has done four Kannada films. Jeevan may have taken a short sabbatical after our Naan Avanillai Part 2, but the break was well worth it, as Jeevan’s role in Thoothan will be refreshing to viewers,” says Selva who will soon proceed on a lengthy schedule to Tuticorin.