Vivek Oberoi talks about his extensive preparation for playing the villain in Krrish 3, releasing on November 1

Playing the villainous Kaal in Krrish 3 wasn’t an easy job for Vivek Oberoi. The actor had to prepare himself mentally to play the role. “Kaal is contrary to my nature. I am very friendly and Kaal isn’t,” Vivek explains. “He has anger and vengeance burning within him; he hates humanity. To express these emotions through my eyes was difficult.”

So the actor worked out a system wherein he could psyche himself into feeling and portraying the negative emotions coursing through his character. He reveals, “Fifteen minutes before I had to go for a shot I would use my van, stand two inches from the mirror and stare into my eyes, thinking of anger and vengeance. Once that spark came into my eyes I would not look or talk to anyone… and just be in that character till I had given my shot. Doing that for ten hours a day was very difficult.” To add to the challenge, the actor says the shoot was physically strenuous too. “I did extensive preparation for almost three-and-a-half months. You will see some physical activities in the film which need to look real and flawless, natural and unpractised. The climax was shot in Film City in the scorching heat of March and I was wearing a 28-kg metal costume. It felt like I was inside a pressure cooker; it was difficult to even walk. Every punch and every kick would take ten times the amount of energy because of the weight and the heat.” But Vivek insists that the challenges were all worth it because “it’s a mind-blowing script and such a powerful role.”

Bollywood News Service