Rama (Swapna) is a prostitute and the opening scene has the woman being haunted by an echo of a wailing baby, supposed to be her aborted foetus. She is troubled and her grandmother chides her and wants her to move on. The rains lash and the weeping Rama is awakened by a visitor Shekar (Raghu Kunche) who is on the way to a railway station. Both of them get chatty and the traveller falls for her sweet, hospitable nature. She spends the night with the stranger following a promise of marriage and the next day the story is back to square one. She is found lying on the bed without company.

The story has enough content and depth but sadly the speed with which each scene moves doesn't allow the audience to feel and register the emotions; it is like two-minute noodles. The character of the prostitute is confusing and leaves you wondering if she really conned him or if she was emotionally disturbed. The character Rama is neither pretty, voluptuous or convincing enough to floor a traveller incessantly. Shekar's (Raghu Kunche) last scene could have been more intense, the otherwise good looking actor was bespectacled giving the character a different dimension altogether. The house sports a humble look but the bedroom has a nice wallpaper behind giving a three star hotel feel. The background music was loud and a diversion from the story. The director could have taken a little more care concentrating on expressions, feelings rather than dialogues. Raghu Kunche could have waited for a better launch and a better director as he is already comfortable with the television cameras.

We definitely need a lot more alternate cinema and the enthusiasm and inclination of directors such as Mahesh, but the film appeared to have been made in haste. The content is good enough to qualify for film festivals but the screenplay and narration were the areas where the director majorly faltered.

Edari Varsham

Cast: Swapna, Raghu Kunche

Director: Kathi Mahesh Kumar

Music: Rajashekar Sharma

Plot: A woman's quest for love and security

Bottomline: Strong story made in haste


Vying for alternate existenceJanuary 28, 2012