Ajay Kumar a.k.a. Guinness Pakru says that he hopes to make genuine films. His directorial debut, Kutteem Kolum, releases tomorrow

His height or the lack of it has not deterred Ajay Kumar, better known as Guinness Pakru, from making a mark of his own in films. He surprised everyone by doing the central character in Vinayan’s Albhuthadweepu and his directorial debut titled Kutteem Kolum releases tomorrow (March 30).

Pakru, well-known for his comedy skits and his roles in films like Joker, Meesa Madhavan, Kunjikkoonan, Athisayan, Bodyguard and My Big Father, have been impressive. Kutteem Kolum, produced under the banner of United Films, has cinematography by Vinod Bharathi and music by Shaan Rahman. In an exclusive interview, Pakru talks about Kutteem Kolum and more. Excerpts:

What is Kutteem Kolum all about?

It is an comedy action thriller, which will entertain viewers of all ages. The story happens in a village called Kumarapuram, located near Palakkad and talks about friendship. My character, named Ezhimala Vinayakan, and Sakthivel (Tamil actor Aditya) are friends and we have been nicknamed ‘Kutteem Kolum’, after a popular game played with two sticks of different lengths. The name is a reference to the difference physiques of the two characters. Since most of the recent Malayalam films had English titles, I decided to go for one with a Malayali flavour. Sanusha, Menaka, Munna, Nirmal and Saiju Kurup are also part of the cast.

What prompted you to take up direction?

I always wanted to direct films and was actively involved in the making of most of my films, closely observing the styles of various directors. I have written and directed plays and skits, right from my younger days. When I narrated this storyline to director Vinayan, he encouraged me to direct the film myself. Actor Tini Tom has also supported me in realising my dream.

How tough was acting and directing at the same time?

It took some time for me to get comfortable but the cast and crew of the film gave me their wholehearted support. There may be limitations in the kind of characters that come to me but such constraints are not there when I become a filmmaker.

Among the various characters that you have played, which one is your favourite?

I believe that the character in Kutteem Kolum could be my best till date. It is a complex character and since I am directing the film myself, the nuances could be conveyed even more effectively.

My character is wealthy and believes that he has got everything in life. He is brash and unpredictable. That is all I can reveal right now.

How does it feel being described as the ‘shortest director’ in the business?

It may be highlighted for marketing purposes but such a record is not my aim. If I was so keen about it, I could have made a film many years ago. I am not concerned about records but I dream of making genuine films. My height has not forced me to compromise in the making of the film in any way.

Though you are mainly known for your comic roles, you are really serious off the camera…

(Smiles) Maybe its due to the responsibilities such as taking care of my family, which I have been doing right from a really young age.

Your Which are your future projects?

I have played a character in Lal Jose’s Emmanuel, which will be released soon.

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