The One Billion Eyes film festival is on from August 16 to 19.

It's that time of the year again — the sixth edition of the annual One Billion Eyes Indian Documentary Film Festival is on at the Russian Cultural Centre Auditorium from August 16 to 19.

The festival aims to promote documentary films and filmmakers who push intellectual, political and cultural boundaries and explore issues that are relevant to the Indian context today.

“Festivals” is the theme of this year's event, and the work being shown covers diverse aspects of this theme.

From harvest-related agrarian festivals and those related to the cycles of the earth to melas, utsavs and vizhas held across the geography of our nation, everything forms part of the fest. The opening day will see the screening of “Jahaji Music”, directed by Surabhi Sharma and produced by Tejaswini Niranjana, at 6 p.m.The film is about the contemporary culture in Trinidad and Jamaica, even as it is a witness to the nature and possibilities of artistic collaboration. The screening will be followed by a discussion on the movie by Tejaswini Niranjana and Surabhi Sharma.

As part of the outreach programme, Mitchell Abdul Karim Crites (Delhi) will deliver a talk discussing the nature of the Sufi urs or death anniversary of the saint, as it relates to the Chishtiyya Sufi order, and show images from the urs of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti in Ajmer as well as architecture and ritual life from the Dargah of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya in Delhi. This will be held on August 18 at 7.30 p.m.

On August 17, watch “In Search Of Durga” by Amitava Roy, “The Holy Duels Of Holy Mohalla” by Vani Subramanian, “City Stories” by R.V.Ramani, “Almoriana” by Vasudha Joshi, “Calcutta Pride March” by Tejal Shah, and “Mylapore Theru” by Mohan Das Vadakara.

On August 18, watch “The Killing Field” by Sanjoy Roy and Manoj Kumar, “The Voyeur” by R.V.Ramani, and “A Story Of A Goddess And Three Gods” by R Vydianathan.

The concluding day will see the screening of “Kelai Draupadai” by S. Sashikanth, “Is This How Craters Were Formed On The Moon” by R.V.Ramani, and “Balipeedam” by Leena Manimegalai.

The festival jury, consisting of Vasanthi Sankaranarayanan, Jayachandran and Azhar Tyabji, will award a prize of Rs. 25,000 for the best film. For details, visit