After a long stint in the industry, Hari K Chanduri makes his directorial debut

After having spent 17 years as an assistant director in the Telugu film industry, Hari K Chanduri is now making his debut as a director with the Nikhil-starrer Disco. “For some people it happens overnight for some it takes ages to get a break, I belong to the latter category. I have a lot of contacts and friends in the industry but for some reason the top league actors never kept their promise to work with me. I realised that one must have a movie as a visiting card to get a big break, which should speak your worth. So I'm beginning with a small actor; Soon with the success of this film, I will approach a big star, as of now I didn't believe in waiting for them,” says the director.

Hari entered the industry in the hope of working in the camera department but moved towards direction. He worked with director Muthyala Subbaiah from Balakrishna's Pavitra Prema to Gopichand's first movie, this stint was followed by a career with director Puri Jagannadh. Hari quips,

“Both their influence on me is strong; the former has taught me to be disciplined and dedicated. He had given me a strong foundation. With Jagan, one can learn to make a film in a minimal number of days in a stipulated budget, how to elevate heroism, the detailing of the film, its length and the main priority being to have the producer in a safe zone. There will also be no waste matter in his films.”

He adds that he would like to be known as the producer's director and reveals that his friend Sateesh gave him the story of Disco. “It has got nothing to do with the music or dance. It is about creating a nuisance for someone or make some one dance to your tunes. It is a mass movie but has been shot stylishly. The movie is done and is slated for a March release. Sara Sharma and Nikhil play the lead roles, mostly shot in Bangkok.”