Anushka set to woo Telugu audience once again with ‘Panchakshari'.

The unit of Sai Rathna Creations returned from Rajahmundry after filming a few crucial portions for their maiden venture, Panchakshari, and recently held the audio release with much fanfare. The team is now engaged in the final stages of graphics work at Think Smart. After the super hit Arundhati, Anushka plays the lead role in Panchakshari and the rural scenes involving her and a few key players in the drama are displayed on the monitor screen.

Director V. Samudra says, “Comparisons with Arundhati and Ammoru are bound to arise given the title of our film. But I can assure you that it is a totally different story by Madhu Vipparthi and you will find no resemblance whatsoever while watching the movie. In fact, the movie guarantees more thrills.”

Anuskhka plays a dual role — a fashion designer and model Annie and the traditional character Panchakshari. Anushka has done a brilliant job bringing out the contrast nature of the two characters. The story travels between Hyderabad and Rajahmundry and its surrounding villages. Art director G.K. Murthy has to be given credit for the beautiful temple set created on the outskirts of the city and rest of the shoot was held at Annapurna Studios.

First-time producer Bommaradevara Rama Chandra Rao has been associated with Nagarjuna Akkineni closely for three decades as his personal make-up man. That explains why Nag took a special interest in the project and lent his name as presenter of the film. The director is reluctant to divulge more information on the soon-to-be-released movie. “The film is entertaining and is a thriller,” is all that he will reveal for now. Brahmanandam, Ali, Raghu Babu and M.S. Narayana are the comedians in the film. Jeeva plays the role of tantrik. Nasser, Pradeep Rawat, Chandra Mohan, Sudha, Sakuntala and Sana are cast in pivotal roles.

With the dubbed version of Arundhati proving to be a commercial hit in Tamil, Anushka has forayed into Tamil films and acted with leading Tamil stars and as expected, this film is also being dubbed in Tamil. “It will be released in Tamil too as it is a universal subject,” says Samudra. He continues, “The Panchakshari mantra starts with Om Nama Sivaya. Chinna, who gave excellent music for Yevadaithe Nakenti, has provided haunting melodies to the lyrics of Chandra Bose, Rama Jogiah Sastry and Suddala Ashok Teja. The response for music has been good so far. I am confident that the movie will click in a big way with the audience,” Samudra concludes.