Kannada film star Sudeep raves about his experience of working with Amitabh Bachchan and Ram Gopal Varma

“He leaves you thinking,” says Kannada actor Sudeep about director Ram Gopal Varma. His forthcoming “Rann” is the second film with the director after “Phoonk” and the actor admits that he is still reeling under the RGV effect. “His energy is amazing,” he tells us while in Bangalore to promote “Rann”. “The freedom and the abundance of space he gives for you to perform is such a morale booster. He trusts you completely and brings out the best in everyone by letting them be themselves.”

Working in Bollywood, he says was just a change of vicinity. “‘Rann' is a new genre to me, a new experience and it is very special,” says the actor, known for his intense portrayals. It is his subtle performances in Kannada films that got him the attention of RGV. The actor also turned director with films such as “My Autograph”, a re-make of the Tamil hit “Autograph”.

“Rann”, he says, is real and entertaining and talks about the responsibility that comes with the media. “When something is written about, I don't analyse, I just read it. Only the people who are targeted know if it's the truth or personal vendetta. The film talks about what a media like TV goes through today for survival. Every channel goes by the TRPs and at the end of the day it becomes a mere numbers business. It talks about what the news channels are forced into to stay ahead in the TRP race. ”

Sudeep has two upcoming films with RGV, “Rakta Charitra” (in Hindi and Telugu), which he calls is one of the most mind-boggling films and “Nirnaya”, a bi-lingual in Kannada and Hindi, which also marks RGV's entry into Kannada. Shatrughan Sinha plays the role of N.T. Rama Rao in “Raktha Charitra” and Sudeep says the experience was fabulous. “Mr. Sinha is a person who is touchy about his moustache, he doesn't like people even touching it, but the director made him shave it off for the role. That's the kind of effect RGV has on people — he can provoke you and instigate you with his energy.” “My friends circle is changing, I am meeting new people and a couple of Hindi projects are coming up too,” he smiles.

He has more to say about RGV. “For a man to travel from the South and become a brand by himself in the highly competitive Bollywood industry says it all. Even legends like Mr. Bachchan are in favour of his thoughts and ideas,” the actor gushes.

Though acting has never been a foreign territory to him, being cast in “Rann” along with Bachchan was like executing a dream. “He is the superman of Indian cinema,” declares Sudeep who plays Bachchan's son in the film. “As far as the world of cinema goes, every child has grown up watching and loving his movies. He carries an aura and it was great working with the legend,” he sums up.