Seenu Vytla promises his brand of creativity in his next film ‘Dookudu' with Mahesh Babu

It has become so easy to predict the plot of Seenu Vytla's movies post Dhee (2007). The premise of his films may be ordinary but people look forward to his film because of the wholesome entertainment that he offers.

No other film maker uses the comedians as he does, he has the knack of observing the weak points, the mannerisms of the people around him and exploits it to the maximum to elicit laughs. To put it simply he enjoys his work as much as the audience enjoys watching it on the screen.

With no publicity, no promotion, no hobnobbing with the media folks, he prefers to let his work to do the talking. And it does.

Dhee, Dubai Seenu, Ready, King, Namo Venkatesa are his five hits in a row. What makes this man a safe bet, one who can can churn out quick, ordinary, entertaining stories sans noise and fuss? It's simple - homework. He sits with his writers and for months together draws an action plan of his protagonist, his market, his audience and their expectations. There are no brainstorming sessions, he travels with his writer to undisclosed locations and is back only when his project and the format is completely set on paper. “This is the first time I worked for a year on Dhookudu. I even got a story ready for him and shelved it at the last minute as I had some doubts. I realised I was getting monotonous, so I brought in some variation in Dhookudu. Of course, Mahesh speaks a little more but I ensured that he does not lose his dignity, he's a director's delight. Samantha brings freshness to the story and as far as I am concerned, it will take the director in me to the next level. Commercially it will be a success but I'm sure of getting critical acclaim this time.” he says.

Though he personally likes Nee Kosam and Anandam, Seenu says it has become imperative for him to change his preference in stories to stabilise his position in the industry and ensure that he remains in the market by spooling films that don't drain the producer's pocket. “Na cinema yetti paristhithi lo nasta pokoodadhu. My producers and buyers should be happy. I incorporate scenes knowing very well what the reviews will say,but I still go ahead, keeping in mind the emotional connection with a larger audience, cutting across all segments . I don't make cinema just to satisfy myself, I aim to finish it in the shortest span and in an entertaining fashion,” he adds. Now that he is comfortable, he wishes to make a meaningful film soon. But before that he has a project with Jr NTR.

Churning out a story for a particular actor has become kid's play but Sreenu doesn't take the plot for granted. He focuses on the screenplay and that has become his USP. “I do not repeat myself in this film,” he says defining his brand of creativity,” and adds, “you will see the difference.”

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