It is a love story. And, as usual, there are ups and downs in the tale. Director Lena Movender uses flashback for the narrative with clarity. SS Pictures’ Kannukkulle has some credible moments as the director has seasoned actors such as Sarath Babu, Yugendran and Shanmugarajan to help him keep the story moving. Their experience and hard work show in the frames. Aparna has done her role creditably. Ilaiyaraja’s music is the film’s backbone.

Unfortunately, newcomers Mithun and Anu reveal their inexperience as they struggle to cope with the screenplay, which is by the director.

The storyline is woven around the theme of friendship between two school boys. One of them loses his sight in an accident while playing together. Years later, he regains his sight, thanks to his friend who donates his eyes.

Now, a new complication surfaces. Able to see again, his perception changes. He does not want to marry his friend’s sister as he cannot imagine her as his wife.

Mithun, as the hero, has very little dialogue, and so is convincing. But as his wife, Aparna does most of the talking. She is not only bold, but her body language perfectly suits her part. The couple’s baby steals hearts with her looks and speech.

The comedy works in bits and pieces with ‘Krane’ Manohar, Muthukalai and Alva Vasu. S.A. Rajkumar and Shankar-Ganesh appear in a cameo as music directors. The camera, handled by Nagasaravanan, follows the script faithfully and the visuals are pleasing.


Genre: Romance

Director: Lena Movender

Cast: Mithun, Aparna, Anu, Sarathbabu, Ugendran, Shanmugarajan, Singa Muthu, Ceasar Manohar, ‘Crane’ Manohar, Muthukalai, S.A.Rajkumar, Shankar Ganesh and Nithya.

Storyline: Two school boys are playing and disaster strikes. One ends up losing his vision, restored years later by his friend’s gesture.

Bottomline: Told in flashback, it sustains the interest of the audience to some extent.