A city civil court on Wednesday ordered notice on an application in a civil suit seeking an interim injunction to restrain the producer and others from releasing the Vijay-starrer “Thalaiva.” The film is likely to be released on August 9.

In the petition, S.K.R. Karnan of Seethaparpanallur in Tirunelveli district said he reliably learnt that the film’s story was based on the real life of his grandfather S.S. Kandasamy Sait alias SSK and his father S.K. Ramasamy alias SKR. His grandfather and father were well known among the Tamils in Dharavi, Mumbai. Both did not indulge in illegal activities.

The actors in the film, Sathyaraj and Vijay, who starred as father and son characters, wore white dress like that of his father and grandfather. In a Tamil magazine it had been reported that the film was based on a real story of a Tamilian who was residing in Mumbai in the 1980s.

The applicant alleged that both his grandfather and father had been depicted in poor light in the film without verifying facts. The story line would affect his fundamental right to life and privacy.

The court ordered notice to the film producer in Mumbai and the director in Valasaravakkam among others.