The model-turned-actor has always been a stunner. This is perhaps what made L’Oreal Paris sign Katrina Kaif as its fourth Indian brand ambassador, after Aishwarya Rai, Freida Pinto and Sonam Kapoor.

Fresh off the success of Dhoom 3, she made her debut as the brand’s ambassador in her trademark elegance and simplistic style to launch its latest hair care range. Post-launch, MetroPlus spoke to Katrina to find out what makes her the diva she is.

According to a recent survey finding, you are the most searched for Bollywood actress celebrity online. How do you take it?

I think it is fun. I love the Internet. It’s nice if people are searching you because it means they are interested in your work and about what’s going on. It would be a compliment that people are looking you up, excited to follow you and want to know about you.

Looking back at your career, do you think you have had a fashion / style evolution of sorts?

I’ve put most of my interests or whatever I wanted to do with my styling or looks into my films and the characters I’ve played. Most of my roles have been young, fun roles that aren’t too specific. I’ve had a lot of freedom that way. Also, I often find ideas when I am travelling or shopping. A lot of what I pick up I put into my films. Personally, sometimes I think I have kept myself a little simpler, a little more basic because that’s more representative of me. But that’s not to say that in an ad film, photo shoot or campaign I wouldn’t love to try something new.

Where are you right now in that evolution?

In a phase I’m usually in — wearing whatever you are comfortable in, makes you feel good, and what suits your body. I feel it’s important that a woman dresses for her body type too, plus what she feels confident in. Because I feel every woman knows herself the best.

Being a celebrity, you have to look good all the time, even when you are catching a flight! Does that ever tire you?

Yes, it is a lot of pressure. Just because you are an actor, doesn’t mean you are not going to have good days and bad days, feel a little tired or under the weather. It is tough, but the most important thing is not getting obsessed or carried away about looking good all the time. If you are looking less glamorous one day or tired, it’s okay, because you are human.

Of all the roles that you’ve played, which one resembles the real you — in terms of personality and in terms of fashion?

It would be a toss between New York and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Personality-wise, it would be both, and style-wise, probably Zindagi...

What do you miss the most about your days as a model?

The shows used to be fun. We used to have a really good time. I remember hanging out with Jesse Randhawa, Fleur Xavier, Sapna, Sheetal Mallar… we were all friends. We used to go to a restaurant after a show. They were a nice group of people and we had a pretty good time.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, do you have a message that you would like to share?

I would just like to say find and protect your identity as a woman. Love yourself first and then you’ll find someone who will love you.