In KSD Appalraju the director comes to T-town for making a tragedy and ends up making a comedy, in Mangala the director wanted to make a horror movie and ends up making a comedy. The director Tulsiram wants to give you the heebie-jeebies but you roll in the aisles with laughter right from the word go.

The beginning is spooky as a couple take their tremulously-shaking son to an ash-smeared mendicant who is surrounded by trishuls but defies gravity as he sits in the air in a tantrik posture.

He tries to help them when ka-boom! The boy's body bounces into air, hits one tree then another and his bleeding pumping heart falls near the parents' feet. Horror? No. Instead of looking macabre or scaring you, you feel as if you have stepped into a butcher's shop.

The tantrik who has carried out the hit, sits in a house and receives a suitcase full of cash. His son comes back and asks for money which he wants to shower on an actress in Hyderabad. In these five minutes of screen time the story is over. The rest of the movie is a dreary walk in a graveyard in bright afternoon sun.

Even the juvenile attempts at scaring the audience fail due to the hop-scotch narrative and disjointed pieces.

Charmme sits in her SUV (usually, she is driven around by her driver Subbu) and a piece of cloth floats in the air, it becomes a small hanky and sticks to the windshield. Cut.

The most hilarious part is when a big bumblebee's buzz is heard, then it becomes a honeybee and finally it becomes a fly what happens later is revoltingly gross but it doesn't scare you.

The director tries to pep up the slackening plot with some derrière shaking numbers by Charmme. When the dreadlocked mendicants with pot bellies who smoke pot and swill kallu dance and run, you really don't know whether you should laugh or cry.

A deglamourised Charmme shuffles between the role of an actress and the real person who is chased by an evil spirit with élan. The saturated yellow screen does play a role in buffeting the goriness and the macabre screenplay. That's it.A horror movie is not about gruesome scenes with the actors dipping their hands into pots of blood, or the still pumping heart of a man falling on the floor, it is a mind game.

In that the director fails when he mistakes gruesomeness for scary stuff.