After the success of his Manam Kothi Paravai, filmmaker Ezhil is back with Desingu Raja

The urge to conform to popular trends in Tamil cinema is not uncommon. With comedy being the flavour of the season, director Ezhil, who tasted success with his comedy, Manam Kothi Paravai, has decided to cash in on the genre again. He is now coming up with Desingu Raja, a full-length comedy starring Vemal and Bindhu Madhavi.

“I actually wanted to make a serious film. But those around me convinced me into doing a comedy again,” he says, adding, “Nonetheless this film deals with a serious issue involving two villages but in a comical way.”

The filmmaker says cinema has changed unbelievably in recent years. “Though Deepavali (released in 2006) was a hit, I understood the need to reinvent myself to keep pace with the changing trends in the industry. Hence I took a break to understand where cinema is heading.”

What can we expect from his new film? The filmmaker says he has departed from the tried and tested method of one-line retorts. “In Desingu Raja, comedy is spontaneous and woven seamlessly into the script. So, it will still be a laugh riot without the usual silly one-liners,” he informs.

Can you tell us about the storyline? “A conflict between two families and two murders form the basis of Desingu Raja. It’s a serious subject but the treatment infuses it with humour. In fact, the film is strongly against vengeance.”