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Updated: November 9, 2011 21:03 IST

Clubbed: Far from the usual

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DVD cover of the movie
DVD cover of the movie "Clubbed". Photo: Special Arrangement


Movie: Clubbed (2008)

Cast: Mel Raido, Colin Salmon, Shaun Parkes, Scot Williams

This film is directed by famous short film director Neil Thompson and written by famous boxer and philosophical genius, Geoff Thompson, and stars talented Brit Mel Raido as a factory worker in the 1980s dealing with divorce and fear until he meets a boxer Louis, played by Colin Salmon, after which his life gets a new meaning.

Gangster flick

In a nutshell, “Clubbed” isn't your usual Brit gangster flick on the lines of “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” or “Layer Cake” or Britain's “Godfather” — “Get Carter”. This movie is more of a redemption story and about the changes the main character faces.

Though this movie sticks to the drama/crime genre and has nothing new to offer, it works because of its in-depth character analysis and the director takes his time to develop the main character on whose life the entire story focuses.

Unlike other British films which usually have tons of movie references, this one has tons of literary references, mainly in the form of voice overs or visual aids in the form of books (written by Geoff Thompson himself).

There is also a parallel track about Sparky, one of the boxers played by Scot Williams who doesn't follow the gang's discipline and will go any distance to make easy money.

Though the film is mostly uphill, it has its downside. Well, for starters, the beginning and the ending of the movie are a paradox and doesn't make sense no matter how you look at it. Also, after the movie shifts focus on the other characters, after half-time, the movie loses its grip and becomes somewhat predictable. To top it off, the director who has struggled and succeeded throughout the movie to avoid clichés, has broken the deadlock and given us a very predictable and clichéd twist.

Technically sound

On the technical front, the editing is crisp and the camerawork captures the environment surrounding Danny's life with cinematic elegance.

Though this movie takes its time to unfold, you won't be bored because at the end, you feel sympathy for the character and you welcome the change in him. The director has done well in establishing the depth of the protagonists and also the other characters.

Bottomline: “Clubbed” is not your usual British gangster flick but is a great tale of redemption and change.


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