Ramgopal Verma and his protégés have long presumed that the Telugu audience do not see Hindi films and have churned remakes and its sequels umpteen times hoping that the response for their films here would be in total contrast to the Hindi heartland. JD Chekri wouldn't have the confidence otherwise to remake Darwaza Bandh Rakho, a dud all over again. This time he cleverly markets the film as an extension to RGV's Money and its sequel and uses Brahmanandam as the USP of the story.

The comedy is clean, it does have random silly gags but it is purely kid stuff. Those who select this film for a weekend watch hoping Brahmanandam would make them roll over the floor will not even feel the tickle. The actor follows the script faithfully but runs out of steam and expressions and also space as and when a new character keeps emerging. The door bell sounds more like the chime in the clock or at the temple and one can mistake it for a background score. Since it has been publicised as a comedy one doesn't take the kidnappers and their act seriously and there is heavy expectation to draw hilarity from the situation. Chekri, Kevin, Brahmaji and Mukul are in a financial crisis and strike upon an idea to mint quick money.

Brahmanandam as Khan Dada and his relationship with Chekri is purely co-incidental and occupies one or two scenes. The only asset of the film is the run time. The film grapples to maintain the tone and it's difficult to imagine the story without Brahmanandam or perhaps Venu Madhav. Tara Alisha is like a whiff of fresh air. By now we know what to expect from Chekri, a clichéd thriller or a low brow comedy. The audience deserves better and the director needs imagination.