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Updated: May 28, 2011 18:32 IST

Citizen's angst

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Srikanth in Dusshansana
Srikanth in Dusshansana

Posani has mastered the art of keeping the audience engaged in the first 15 minutes, not because of some spectacular comedy or mind blowing action but due to weird dialogues and scenes. Unlike in Operation Duryodhana where Srikant walks naked on the road, here dressed like Che Guevara he barges into a police station and demands his ‘Shanti' be recovered; while the police is puzzled and keeps wondering if it is a dog or a wife, he declares it is ‘manasshanti (peace of mind). He then goes to a women's clinic and asks all the pregnant women to abort their babies and adopt orphans as extra population is a ‘bhaaram' (burden) to the country. When they question how can they consider other's children as theirs he raises a fabulous question: aren't you wearing saris made by others?. That's not all, he tells people on the street to donate one eye as they can see the world with the other. He goes to the post office and hands over a bunch of registered posts to be mailed to YSR, NTR c/o heaven as the address.

He then kidnaps the Chief Minister's daughter and blackmails him to impose equality in society, Now how this is implemented is equally dramatic. He empathises with poor women who go to the streets and fields to relieve themselves and demands the MLA's family to do the same which according to him is equality. Srikant who plays the common man wears a single expression throughout the film and walks in slow motion. The film has the hero addressing people as ‘Saar' and ‘brother' and whenever he unleashes a monologue one tends to see Posani's soul in Srikant's body, the hero becomes the director's alter ego. One feels good when he compels people to get their voter identity card but the last part of the film pushes you to look out for the exit door. By the end of the film the audience are still wondering what Srikant meant when he said, “Mere boll (baal – hair) ke baraabar.” The film aims at shock value rather than a plot. Bad films reduce one's life span.

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