What it is about

P.V.P.Cinema and Handmade films Production jointly comes out with “Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham” presented by Pearl V.Potluri and produced by Param V.Potluri and directed by Srinath. The film is a remake of Telugu super hit movie “Mariyada Ramanna”. The audio was released by the director of the Telugu movie S.S.Rajamouli and was received by Santhanam and his unit. The cast includes Santhanam, Ashna Zaveri, Nagineedu, Mirchi Senthil, VTV Ganesh, and Rajakumaran (husband of actor Devayani). The director of photography is Shakthi and Richard M.Nathan, music is scored by Siddarth Vipin, edited by Saikanth, dances are choreographed by Rajesh Kanna and stunts are composed by FEFSI Vijayan and Dilip Subburayan and the art is taken care of by A.R.Mohan. How a young man runs from pillar to post staying in the same house of the people who wants to kill him forms the base of the story line.

What they say

Producer Param V.Potluri: We were having the rights of the Telugu super doper hit movie “Mariyada Ramanna” for nearly two years. We wanted Santhanam to do the lead role in the film but he was busy as usual. We did not want some other actor to do the heroes role in Tamil except Santhanam. So we waited and some months ago I met him again and asked him to act in the Tamil version of the Telugu film. He immediately said ‘yes’. That is how this film became a reality. Now that the film has been finished we are happy that it has come out well.

Director Srinath: I and actor Santhanam are good friends for more than ten years. I started as an assistant director to Kadir and Jeeva and acted in about 30 films as friend of the hero and other roles. My passion was to direct a movie. At one point of time Santhanam told me that both of us must do a movie.

I started writing a script for him. At that time he asked me to see the Telugu movie “Mariyada Ramanna”, which both of us liked and decided to do it in Tamil. I felt that Telugu film is like a talkie movie of Charlie Chaplin. We have done some changes to suit the Tamil audience and when I saw the film in Tamil now, I liked it very much. Bicycle will be portrayed as one of the characters and it will the highlight of the film.

Hero Santhanam: Few of my friends wanted me to do the lead role in the movie. I was happy to do the friends role of the hero and make them laugh to their hearts content. Producer Pottluri wanted me to do the hero role and showed the Telugu film. I was keeping my fingers crossed. When I decided that time has come for me to take a decision I decided to do the film “Vallavanukkum Pullum Ayutham”. Doing a heroes role is really tough as it needs full concentration and a perfect body to fight and dance. In a friends role I was using only my mouth to speak my dialogues. I have worked hard and all my friends also worked with me and now the film is over and I liked it and felt that they would also like it.

Music director Siddarth Vipin: I got a call from Santhanam’s office and I went and met both Santhanam and director Srinath. They told me three conditions and first is I must know music, second I must attend the phone calls and last but not the least, I must not treat the other person as if he is borrowing money from me. I was ready for all the conditions and grabbed the opportunity and worked with at most care and have come up with some good music. All the persons in the unit were happy about the music and appreciated my work.

Music Highlights: There are five numbers in the album and ‘Rail Ade’ written by Na.Muthukumar and sung by Naresh Iyer and Shreya Goshal is the best. The fast kuthu number ‘Takkaru Takkaru’ is mainly for the front benchers and ‘Otrai Devathai’ written by Madhan Karky and sung by Karthik is sure to win the listeners with its beautiful melody and singing by the singer. ‘Chellakkutti’ is written by Lalithanand and sung beautifully by singers Ranjith and Vishnupriya Ravi and the music enhances the number. Ananthu sings the last number in the album, which is the theme song of the movie written by Muthulingam who is always strong in the words.