Pizza 2: Villa has hardly any similarities with Pizza except for the fact that the lead actors in both the films presume that they know everything till destiny makes a grand entry. This film opens with a publisher telling a bespectacled struggling writer Jebin to come up with more realistic stories that will be an instant hit with girls in the hostel. Arthi, his girlfriend in the next scene is giving him a warm hug and telling him to look at the world in a positive way. She does love him but has designs on Jebin’s property, a Villa left behind by his father and that which he wants to dispose to publish his novel. The first few scenes move very swiftly establishing the premise and the characters move from the city to the Villa where the rest of the story unfolds.

Jebin goes to the Villa in Vizag to write his second novel and he finds a publisher for his novel who is willing to pay an advance for both his books, also Arthi’s father gives a green signal to their wedding. With life looking up suddenly, the couple are in a daze but the happiness doesn’t last long. Jebin and Arthi bump into paintings in the Villa, each canvas painted by Jebin’s father has illustrations predicting important events in Jebin’s family and friends. Dreading that it could turn true and having no courage to stomach the future Jebin does the unthinkable. If one thinks the story is simple, then the person is completely wrong. The plot thickens but the screenplay is crisp and the best part of the story is that the writer challenges the viewer’s intelligence and delivers an absolutely engaging fare.

Relaxing and taking the narration for granted could strip you of the understanding so be alert; even after walking away from the cinema hall you tend to discuss the story and exercise your grey cells. The final scene throws enough hints that the third part of the film is just around the corner. Revealing any aspect of the story would take away the suspense and beauty of the story so watch it, it thrills and entertains. Also the film has very few characters and is shot indoors mostly and some of the words used may not be understood by the masses. The burnt Villa looked good and the set properties all gelled with the story and time, background score is very good. The real thrill in the story again is delivering the unexpected, not just towards the climax but in regular intervals. Good performances aided by a competent technical team gives us this food for thought.

Pizza 2: Villa

Cast: Ashok Selvan, Sanchita Shetty, Nasser

Director: Deepan Chakravarthy

Music: Santosh Narayan

Genre: Fantasy Thriller

Plot: Writer visits a villa & there begins the suspense

Bottomline: Better than Pizza 1