A sequel to Saldanha’s 2011 movie—enough said. There is the singing, the dancing, the annoying sidekick, town vs country, tree huggers vs loggers and so on and so forth. Rio 2 takes off where Rio left off. Blu, Jewel and their three children are living happily in Rio de Janeiro. Nigel, the psychopathic cockatoo with a Shakespearean hang-up is plotting revenge with Gabi a poison dart frog and an anteater. Linda, who adopted Blu, and her ornithologist husband, Tulio are in the Amazon when they realise there are other Spix's macaws there. They want to investigate and have the area declared protected. This goes against the plans of an evil logger who decides to kill the couple. Blu and family go to Amazon to find Macaws and Jewel finds her family. Blu has to prove to Jewel’s parents that he is the bird, save the forest and escape Nigel’s cunning plans. Rafael, Nico and Pedro accompany Blu to the Amazon looking for new talent for the carnival

The movie has two awesome sequences—the flying football and the carnival try-outs in the Amazon. Otherwise, Rio 2 is not particularly engaging. The voice cast including Jesse Eisenberg (Blu), Anne Hathaway (Jewel), Jemaine Clement (Nigel), Jamie Foxx (Nico) will.i.am (Pedro) are competent; the colours bright and the action busy. The only question that remains is Rio 2 really necessary?

Genre: Animation/musical

Voice Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, will.i.am, Jamie Foxx, George Lopez, Tracy Morgan, Jemaine Clement, Leslie Mann, Rodrigo Santoro, Jake T. Austin

Director: Carlos Saldanha

Plot: Blu has to meet the parents and save the Amazon

Bottomline: Something old, nothing new, many things borrowed and everything blue