This is essentially a bilingual movie, the Tamil version is yet to release. Prince who made his debut with Neeku Naku Dash Dash and followed it up with a couple of sub-standard films finally attempts something decent. He forms a main part of the story but his role is not as vital as Sethu’s. Prince plays Shiva, a photographer who falls in love with Lasya (Disha Pandey). Lasya works for Jai’s (Sethu) real estate company and she is quite happy with her job, her employers are happy with her work.

On a rainy night, Shiva resolves to propose to Lasya but she suddenly sees her mobile phone, is apparently disturbed, gets into an auto and disappears. The scene shifts to a hospital where Lasya is on life support, and Shiva is shocked.

On the other hand is a couple Mythili (Richa Panai) and Jai, the latter inextricably linked to an MMS sent to Lasya’s phone that triggers a suicide attempt. The rest of the story is about how the MMS originated and the fracas that follows between Jai and Shiva over Lasya.

The plot is good but the director fails to narrate it interestingly. The entire first half of the film is spent on trivia, establishing the characters and duets and the audience has no clarity on where the film is heading. It is only after the break that the momentum picks up. Prince doesn’t have much to do, he’s seen talking on the phone goading Sethu to solve the puzzle, eliminate the characters responsible for Lasya’s condition. It is very clear the producer/director wanted Prince for a Telugu market, his role is therefore marginalised.

Both the heroines fill the glamour quotient; they hardly have anything to do. The lip synch goes haywire, characters don’t appear native. Sethu has a single dimension throughout the film to look troubled, stalked. The songs however are good and are neatly picturised. Cinematography is fine. With proper screenplay and editing, some comic relief would have made the story interesting.


Cast: Sethu, Prince, Disha Pandey, Richa Panay

Direction: Suresh

Music: Manikant Kadiri

Genre: Thriller

Plot: MMS creates havoc in the loves of two couples

Bottomline: Good plot goes wasted due to amateur handling