Yet another remake strikes this month and this time it is a loyal reproduction of Johnny Gaddar. Director Lakshmikant Chenna who is credited with making Hyderabad Nawabs and Ninna Nedu Repu has come up with a thriller as his third venture. The movie begins with guns and bullets and gives one enough indication of what is to follow. Those who have seen the auteur’s first film will find that this film is a departure from the genre he had attempted earlier; it caters to a multiplex audience.

The plot is about a group of five men headed by Dharma (Sai Kumar); his partners in crime are Shiva (Subbu Raju), Siddarth (Krish), Kailash (Brahmaji) and Teja (Ashish Vidyarthi). They all have some strong goal that money can help achieve. One is forever gambling, the other’s mother is sick, a youngster wants to take a short cut to success, and the final man is goaded by success; Dharma has no surviving member in the family, and no reason is mentioned as to why and for whom he wants money. Soon, one member after the other, as well as the cop who is investigating the crimes, is bumped off. Finally the climax is about who bumps off the man with a great deal of greed.

Lakshmikant has woven the plot well but has given away the suspense on important occasions. What did Dharma need to warn Siddarth just before the break that one day he (the killer) will meet with the same fate; that is a dead giveaway. Also when Kailash (Brahmaji) leaves home with a pistol, the expression on Roja’s face indicates that he will not return. The casting is almost right, Sai Kumar is a splendid choice but the main ‘Kameena’ is a total miscast. A missing link is that no explanation is given as to what brings the five characters together.

This is no edge-of-the-seat thriller and neither is there any suspense, but you would still sit through the end just to see how the director ends his job. It is a good attempt, we only wish he had taken care of the screenplay. A lot has been spent on the film and it is visible on each frame. Roja and Brahmaji bring life and vivaciousness onto the screen whereas the rest of them go about their job mechanically. Rubi Parihar and Lekha Washington hardly make an impact, they look like set properties. The film has one item song but that doesn’t make you lose focus. The lighting, background score and art work are assets. We all love to root for an underdog who’s worked hard but simple and stupid mistakes should never be forgiven.


Cast: Sai Kumar, Brahmaji, Ashish Vidyarthi, Krish

Direction: Lakshmikant Chenna

Music: Agastya

Plot: A man thinks the best way to get rich is to steal money from his own gang

Bottomline: Loose screenplay is the real Kameena