Sometimes when a movie is praised to the skies (James Cameron and Quentin Tarantino among others have sung hosannas), there is a danger of the film not meeting expectations. No such fears with Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity though. The movie is a simple survival tale of two astronauts — first timer Dr. Ryan Stone and veteran Matt Kowalski on his last mission. There are metaphoric echoes of being tethered to the past, the importance of letting go, looking out for your team, the comfort of the womb and the importance of never giving up.

However, even if you are not into metaphors, Gravity is gobsmacking for its visual chutzpah. The colours and the warmth of the earth are contrasted with the cold beautiful darkness of space. The 3D makes you feel you are in the space suit with Stone seeing what she sees — whether it is the never ending silent night or the terrifyingly impersonal debris or the golden sunrise. Switching points of view also make for an immersive experience. The movie has just two actors on screen — Sandra Bullock as Stone and George Clooney crinkly eyes and all as Kowalski. Both are charming and competent enough to have us invest in Ryan and Matt. This is a film that brings back the magic of movies big time. In space no one can hear you clap your hands in naked wonder.

Genre: Sci-fi

Director: Alfonso Cuarón

Cast: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney

Storyline: A couple of astronauts have to get to safety after their space shuttle is hit

Bottomline: Awesome-icious