Something is happening right from the start. A few goondas, in typical Kollywood style, beat up a weak guy and want him to spill the beans on where their sarakku is. We’re not sure whether they are referring to liquor or where exactly all the action is headed.

And then director Rajapandi lets us into the secret. Money can be sarakku or contraband too, he tells us, as he explains how cash can be used to earn more cash. Ennamo Nadakuthu joins the list of films that feature a protagonist caught between two powerful men and the plight he therefore suffers.

Vijay Vasanth, who plays Vijay in the film, has grown considerably as an actor since the time we saw him play tennis ball cricket on the streets of RA Puram in Venkat Prabhu’s Chennai 600028. In EN, he plots, schemes, outwits his enemies and all of that. And of course, like any aspiring hero in Kollywood, he also falls for a girl the minute he sees her and then somehow musters the strength to thulp the bad guys real hard.

And therein lies part of the problem — it would have been all very well had Vijay used just brains and got the job done, the plot might have worked and made it a neat film. But the minute we see him jumping off buildings and dodging goondas in hot pursuit, you are tempted to ask — Oh really?

With Prabhu and Rahman essaying solid characters, the film is never short of drama and action. Despite the efforts of the lead cast (Vijay Vasanth and Mahima), the romance is just functional and plays out timidly, to support the foot-tapping songs by Premgi Amaren.

Saranya Ponvannan speaking fluent Madras Tamizh and Thambi Ramiah’s comedy-filled villainy are a pleasant surprise.

Genre: Thriller/Action

Director: Rajapandi

Cast: Vijay Vasanth, Mahima, Prabhu, Rahman, Thambi Ramiah, Sukanya, Saranya Ponvannan

Storyline: A small-time guy is entangled in a battle between two powerful men…

Bottomline: Interesting storyline spoilt slightly by over-the-top display of heroics by the leading man.