Acclaimed British Indian musician Susheela Raman makes her debut in Tamil cinema with Vidiyum Munn

What it is about…

Khayum Studios’ Vidiyum Munn is a thriller produced by Javed Khayum and written and directed by Balaji K. Kumar. The line on the CD cover says: “Four men, three reasons, two women and one day.” The film examines the reasons why the four men pursue the two women during the course of a day. The cast includes Pooja, Malavika Manikuttan, Vinoth Kishan, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, John Vijay, R. Amarendran and Muthukumar. Sivakumar Vijayan has handled the camera; Girish Gopalakrishnan has scored the music besides writing the lyrics. Sathyaraj Natrajan is the editor; Jayalakshmy Sunderasan is the costume designer; and Kannan Kesavan, the VFX supervisor.

Music Highlights

Music production, recording and mixing and background score for this film were done in the U.K. International singing sensation Susheela Raman makes her debut in Tamil cinema with the song 'Penne', a down tempo electronica track. Tanvi Rao from Sulk Station, a band from Bangalore, sings ‘Theeradha Mounam’, a haunting melody.

‘Vidiyaadha Iravu’, sung by the composer, is a progressive rock track which is good. There is another version of ‘Theeradha Mounam’, this time rendered by the music composer. ‘Rage’ and ‘Redemption’ are two soundtracks that give the audience a taste of the film’s background score.

What they say…

Producer Javed Khayam: I am in the real estate business. When the director outlined the story of Vidiyum Munn, I realised it had a lot of interesting elements. I thought why not produce the film myself? It is also one of the few Indian films to use Auro 11.1 3D sound. I am also glad that acclaimed British Indian musician Susheela Raman makes her debut in Tamil cinema with our film. The background score was performed by the BBC Philharmonic and Halle Orchestras, conducted by Brian Morell, the piano and strings arranger for the likes of Elton John and Sting.

Director Balaji Kumar: I am a student of cinematography from UCLA, USA. I am also a writer, director, visual designer and artist and started my career as a storyboard consultant for advertising firms. Then I started directing advertisement films for various brand names in the US and Europe. My “Twelve Twisted Tricks” won the Golden Trailer Award in 2002 and 9 lives of Mara became a cult hit and went on to receive a host of awards including best film at the HP Lovecraft Film Festival in 2007. Vidiyum Munn is my debut movie in Tamil made with Hollywood techniques but with an Indian sensibility.

Music director Girish Gopalakrishnan: My first film was Marina, from which the song ‘Vanakkam Vaazhavaikum Chennai’ went viral on YouTube. With a Masters in Film Composition from Leeds College of Music, I did my best to make my compositions sound unique. After the audio release of the film, I am getting appreciation from different quarters.