What it is about…

Manusri Film International presents Angusam with Skanda and Jayati Guha in the lead. The story is about the Right To Information (RTI) Act which mandates timely response to citizen requests for government information.

Music Highlights

There are six songs in the album and the best one is ‘Kathivesura’ sung by the music director and Ninci Vincent and written by Thiraviyum. The other songs by the same lyricist are ‘Thanjavooru Singari’ sung by Mukesh and Suchithra, and ‘Somaliya’ sung by Ninci Vincent which is sure to make listeners dance to its beats. ‘Ozone’ is sung beautifully by Suraj and Shraviya, while ‘Thozha’ sung by Sriram stands out for its lyrics. ‘Va Mapplay,’ written by Annamalai and sung by Karthikeyan and Velmurugan, is above average.

What they say…

Producer and director Mhanukkannan: In addition to my postgraduate degrees in Engineering and Business Administration, I completed a course in film direction at the Whistling Woods International in Mumbai and the New York Film Institute, Dubai. Cinema is my passion. When I discussed this story with some of my friends, they were impressed with the line. Angusam is an edge-of-the-seat thriller.

Hero Skanda: I live in Bangalore, but mostly work in other cities. I have acted in five films before Angusam. They are Notebook , Positive, Elektra, Malli Malli and Charulatha. I have been keen on acting in meaningful movies and hence worked with four National Award-winning directors. We went through several hardships while filming Angusam. When I saw the film, it all seems worth the effort! Angusam has some peppy songs and comedy scenes.

Music director Srikanth Deva: I have done a number of films, but this one is different. The screenplay is good and the visuals are beautiful, providing me with scope to do a good job of the re-recording.