A look at the songs in the psychological thriller, Adhiyum Andhamum

What the film is about…

R.S.R. Screens and N. K. Kraft jointly present a psychological thriller titled Adhiyum Andhamum starring Ajaay, Mitali, Kavita, Ramanathan, Yuvan Swang, Siddarth and Venkat. The cinematography is by D. S. Vaasan; the music is scored by L. V. Ganesan; art is by A. Amaran, editing is by Ramesh Bharathi, the sound effects are by D. Narayanan and the audiography is by Chandrakumar (Prasad). The audio was released by Dhananjayan of UTV and the first CD was received by director Vetrimaran.

What they say…

Producer and hero Ajay: I am the most hated character on the small screen. I bagged the State Award and Sun Kudumbam Award for the Best Villain. I started my journey with the Hindi film Gardish, starring Jackie Shroff as the hero. I was then in Standard 12. Then I did an anti-hero role in the Tamil film Ooty with the late Murali and Roja. I also acted in teleserials Agnisatchi and Kolangal and played the villain in the Suriya-starrer Ayan. Then I launched my own production house, N. K. Kraft Private Limited in 2010, and scouted for good subjects. That’s when I met director Kaushik and we have now finished this film Adhiyum Andhamum.

Director Kaushik: I have acted in more than 65 serials directed by veterans such as K. Balachander and Balu Mahendra. My first Tamil film was Indrumuthal. I played the hero in Kaadhal Saregama under Amirjan’s direction. Though I have no formal training in direction, I am passionate about films. In 2003, I started writing Adhiyum Andhamum and over the years developed the script. When Ajay heard the line, he wanted me to shoot it. Adhiyum Anthamum is a psychological thriller with a difference. It is special for me as it marks my debut.

Music director L.V. Ganesan: I am music director L. Vaidyanathan’s son. After working with my father I did more than 600 jingles and later scored the music for the Tamil film Suzhal. When Kaushik told me the story of Adhiyum Andhamum, I was very much impressed with his screenplay and immediately started work on it.

Music highlights: The album consists of six songs. ‘Aarariraro’ written by Na. Muthukumar is sung with feeling by Naresh Iyer. Except this, all the other numbers are written by the director Kaushik. ‘Penne Penne’ sung by Alap Raju is interesting. There is a club mix version of the same number sung by L.V. Muthukumarasamy and Kaushik. ‘Mayam Seidhayo’ is a wonderful rendition by Chinmayi’, while ‘Pain of love’ is an instrumental version. L.V. Ganesan wraps up the album with ‘Vidaiyeh Illa,’ a meaningful number.