1. Who is reprising Prachi Desai’s Mumtaz role in Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara!?

2. Which film title would connect Oscar-winning director Bob Fosse and debutant director Kaustav Narayan Niyogi?

3. What distinction does S. Nottani’s Balan have in the history of Malayalam films?

4. Who is to replace Bruce Willis in Expendables 3?

5. Which actress is bringing out a book My Yummy Mummy Guide that offers post-pregnancy tips for women?

6. Star children Suraj Pancholi and Aathiya Shetty are to make their debut in the remake of which Subhash Ghai hit to be directed by Nikhil Advani?

7. Who has been chosen to host the 86th annual Academy Awards?

8. Which Tamil actor is entering Hindi films with Kaizad Gustad’s Jackpot?

9. Which Oscar-winners are collaborating for the fourth time in an adaptation of Ann Leary’s best-selling novel The Good House?

10. Which football star has been offered a cameo role in the new movie The Secret Service as a villain?


1. Sonali Bendre.

2. ‘Cabaret’.

3. It is the first talkie, released in 1938.

4. Harrison Ford.

5. Karisma Kapoor.

6. ‘Hero’.

7. Comedienne Ellen Degeneres.

8. Bharat.

9. Meryl Streep and Robert de Niro.

10. David Beckham.

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