1. Which of the two Star Wars prequels were released on this date but six years apart?

2. Which upcoming Prabhudeva-helmed Hindi flick, starring Shruti Haasan, gets its name from a blockbuster Raj Kapoor song?

3. Before Henry Cavill, who was the first non-American actor to be cast in the role of Superman?

4. Which controversial Booker Prize winner made this statement: “…it is unfair on the Bombay film industry to call it Bollywood. Because it’s actually much bigger than Hollywood. Hollywood should be called ‘Hombay’”?

5. Which star of yesteryears has the production house named Fish Eye Network?

6. Which soon-to-be-released Hollywood flick has the tagline ‘Danger is real, Fear is a choice’ and was originally known as ‘1000 A.E’?

7. A.R. Rahman is to pay a tribute to Bharat Ratna Ustad Bismillah Khan by using the shenai in all the songs of which upcoming film?

8. Which renowned French actress and two-time Academy nominee is acting in Preity Zinta’s maiden home production Ishkq In Paris?

9. What term connects an Arjun Rampal flick and June 6, 1944?

10. The in-the-works, Akshay Kumar-starrer, tentatively titled Pistol is the remake of which Tamil blockbuster?


1. The Phantom Menace and Revenge Of The Sith.

2. ‘RamaiyaVastavaiya’.

3. A googly! The British star is the first.

4. Salman Rushdie.

5. Pooja Bhatt.

6. The Will Smith-starrer After Earth.

7. Raanjhanaa.

8. Isabelle Adjani.

9. D-Day.

10. Thuppakki.