1. About which film of his did Kishore Kumar reportedly remark: “In this film audiences will get more tears than laughs from my portrayal”?

2. Which 1984 Sidney Lumet film gets its title from a tagline to promote the 1930 film Anna Christie?

3. Which glamorous star of yesteryear played Sonam Kapoor’s grandmother in Saawariya?

4. Who heads Super Good Films?

5. Which Jaya Bhaduri film is a remake of a Bengali film Saat Pake Bandha?

6. How is Vijayaraj Prabhakar Alagarswami better known?

7. If Amitabh was Dr. Banerjee in Anand, then what was Ramesh Deo?

8. What type of cinema are ‘Chanbara films’?

9. Under whose baton did Lata Mangeshkar sing the haunting ‘Ayega, Ayega, Ayega Ayega Aane Wala...’ in Mahal?

10. In which flick can one see the two main actors riding a motor cycle with the registration number MYB 3047?



1. Door Gagan Kie Chhaaon Mein.

2. Garbo Talks.

3. Begum Para.

4. R.B. Choudary.

5. Kora Kaagaz.

6. Vijayakanth.

7. Dr. Kulkarni.

8. Sword-fighting Japanese films such as Seven Samurai.

9. Khemchand Prakash.

10. Sholay.

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