1. How does one better know Harihar Jariwala?

2. Which Oscar-winner’s directorial debut was a 16-minute comedy called ‘I Killed My Lesbian Wife, Hung Her on a Meat Hook, and Now I Have a Three-Picture Deal at Disney’?

3. Which eminent filmmaker cranked the camera for Sankarabharanam?

4. Which Salman Khan flick was a remake of the Nagarjuna super hit Hello Brother?

5. In which historical place in MP was the ‘Kata Kata Mara Mara’ song in Mani Ratnam’s Raavan shot?

6. What three-lettered term is used for any segment of film taken without sound?

7. Which flick took home seven awards, including Worst Picture 2012, at the 33rd Annual Razzie Awards?

8. Who voiced Lightning McQueen in Pixar’s Cars movies?

9. Before Lincoln, for which two other films had Daniel Day-Lewis won the Best Actor Oscar?

10. Who scored the music for Satyajit Ray’s fourth feature Jalsaghar?


1. Sanjeev Kumar.

2. Ben Affleck.

3. Balu Mahendra.

4. Judwaa.

5. Orchha.

6. MOS.

7. Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

8. Owen Wilson.

9. My Left Foot and There Will Be Blood.

10. Ustad Vilayat Khan.

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