Twins Ram and Lakshman make their directorial debut as directors with Venmegam being produced under Sujatha Sunitha Combines, a banner named after their wives who also happen to be twins! “This is a unique combination, maybe a first of sorts,” says Lakshman. The brothers are graduates in drawing and fine arts and their creative talents are being channelled towards the making of Venmegam. “Just like how we would convert a rough pencil sketch into a full-fledged oil painting, a simple storyline has developed into a colourful screenplay resulting in the love story Venmegam. Vidharth and Ishara are the vibrant pair in a romantic landscape where deep, emotional relationships between parents and children, and the understanding and sacrifices that love demands between two individuals are etched,” says Lakshman. Venmegam has been given a U certificate and the producers are planning for an early release.

Love transforms life

A stills photographer who took to art direction, A. K. Michael is all set tolaunch his first directorial venture Eera Veyyil. “The hero Aryan Rajesh (Album) is a motherless child, with only his father, played by Nizhalgal Ravi, for guidance. Consequently, he grows up missing out on maternal love and care. But, after the entry of a girl (Saranya Nag) in his life, everything changes. How does this affect him? Is he able to take it in his stride? Eera Veyil tackles this and many other issues relating to love and an emotional relationship,” says Michael. Eera Veyyil is also slated for an early release.

Spurred by success

His first Tamil film Vidiyum Munn has just released to critical acclaim and director Balaji K. Kumar is elated. “My first directorial outing was the Hollywood film 9 Lives of Mara, which released in 2007. It received several important awards — it was a winner at the HP Lovecraft Film Festival, Fright Night Film Fest, La Femme Film Festival, Full Moon Horror Film Festival, Rock and Shock Film Festival (all in 2007) and Tabloid Witch Awards 2008 — and this has spurred me to do quality films in different languages. Tamil cinema is now on a par with with world class cinema and there seems to be no dearth of young and talented short filmmakers. It is really the golden era of Tamil films; there is a marked shift in the kind of movies that are being made. At present, I am listening to a lot of good stories, as I don’t read Tamil. I hope to choose one very soon, which will set the ball rolling for my next film,” says Balaji.