Inspiration comes from different sources. And, for creative people, even a small incident can turn a spark into a flame. That’s precisely what happened to cinematographer-director Santosh Sivan. “Once when I was having dinner with a family close to me, a small girl joined us. She told the story of her journey from Sri Lanka to India as a refugee. Her experiences and struggles inspired me to write the screenplay for Inam which is now ready for release,” says Sivan. Inam is about Rajini, a 20-year-old girl, played by Suganda, who crossed the sea, and came to seek refuge here. “The film explores the turmoil of similar teenaged orphans, as they try to survive amid explosive incidents that occur around them,” says Sivan who has also done the cinematography for Inam.

Vijay learns a lot from Saranya

Tamil cinema has always exploited subjects related to family, especially mother sentiment. Embodying this spirit in recent films is National Award-winning actor Saranya Ponvannan. In Ennamo Nadakkuthu, Saranya plays a slum-dweller and Vijay Vasanth, her son. With his Mathil Mel Poonai released and Theriyama Unnai Kathalichitten getting ready, Vijay is making every effort to hone his acting skills, and in Ennamo Nadakkuthu, directed by Rajapandi, he has made use of every opportunity to learn from the talented Saranya. “She has really been an inspiration — the way she adapted the North Chennai style and language, all I had to do was follow her,” says Vijay. “My character in Ennamo Nadakkuthu is that of a local lad who works as a poster sticker. In contrast I play a modern-day youth who wastes his time in Theriyama Unnai Kathalichitten.”