Vijay Sethupathi is a very busy man. So busy that his production venture Sangudevan had to be postponed. The actor says, “I am now doing more than half-a-dozen films. This will take me nearly two years to finish. It is not right on my part to make other producers wait till then. So, I have postponed Sangudevan, which was to have been produced by me on a first-copy basis. I will take it up when I get time.”

An unforgettable gift

One recently witnessed music director V. Thasi cleaning his harmonium with utmost care. Interesting, considering the instrument was already gleaming as new. “I have worked with various music directors, and one of the most important among them was Salilda (Salil Chowdhury), with whom I worked in 17 films as music marker. Seeing my marking skills, he presented me this harmonium, which I treasure. This is more than my life. daI have a couple of harmoniums, but after I got this, I have composed only with this,” says Thasi, who has scored music in Malayalam, Tamil, Oriya, Bengali and English.

Time is money!

They are exhausted but their spirits are high. The unit of Sutrula has just completed shooting in dense forests for over 20 days. Featuring Richard, Mithun, Sriji, Prajan and Sandra and directed by Rajesh Alfred, the film is a suspense thriller. “The story is about a couple who come to Udhagamandalam and register the marriage. On the day of the wedding, all their friends disappear mysteriously, and the couple get threat calls from an unknown person. What follows forms the rest of the story.

The director says, “We shot in a dense forest area. One of the shots required both Richard and Mithun to be underwater for more than a minute. Considering the complexity of the shot, I planned it using Hollywood techniques. A separate story board was created and the shot was explained to the actors and the technical team. For the two-minute footage, both the artistes had to spend days in water. And, we spent a couple of lakhs on the shot.”

A bigger leap

We all know that Anirudh scored the background music for director Selvaraghavan’s magnum opus Irandam Ulagam. The news now is that the music director has composed songs too for the film. “Selvaraghavan gave me the freedom to get creative, which is why I was able to complete the score in such a short time. I have composed three numbers, which have also been shot. I can’t wait for the film to release (in November).”