From the age of ten, he has been accompanying his father to the sets of his films. Now, on the threshold of being launched as a hero in director Dheswin Prem’s Payanangal Thodarginrana, Deepak remembers all the experiences he had on his father Rajesh’s sets which instilled in him a yearning to make it big on the silver screen. “I was keen on completing my education and so did Computer Science. But I was terribly out of shape and weighed 102 kg. Luckily, ace trainer Shankar Basu took me under his wing and helped me tone down to 76 kg. By then, a role came my way but I wanted to be really prepared. So I joined an acting class and spent nine months preparing for the role in Payanangal Thodarginrana,” says Deepak.

He will be paired with Anjana Menon (who starred in Malayalam film Traffic). “It is a travel-centric movie on a journey from Kerala to Andhra that ends in Tamil Nadu. I am quite excited about this role and both my father and I found the character I play as well as the script very interesting. My father has always been a big support, says Deepak.

Against all odds

The protagonist in director Thuraivanan’s Yasakhan is of a helpful and genial nature although life is a struggle. The director’s screenplay depicts the character Surya as a middleclass man from Madurai who, despite his good qualities is rejected by an unforgiving society including his family. For himself, as a person, Surya is a winner and is out to prove to the world at large that he is not a loser. “Even when the love of his life deserts him and the odds are stacked against him, Surya does not give up. Mahesh (Angadi Theru) has done a great job as the man who rises above all his adversities. Paired with him is Niranjana. The audio of Yasakhan has just been released and I am planning the film release shortly,” says Thuraivanan.