The Last Supper is a tale of three friends who go on a road trip into the hills to prove a legend wrong.

Three youngsters are matching their steps to a peppy tribal beat. At the location of debutant director Vinil Vasu’s The Last Supper, inside the FACT premises at Ambalamedu, a song sequence is being canned. The shooting of the film was extensively done in and around Nelliyampathy and some portions are being shot in Kochi.

Albie (Unni Mukundan), Imran (Anu Mohan) and Pearle (Pearle Maaney) are three friends who go on a journey to Pillayar Thedi Manam, 255 kilometres from Namakkal in Tamil Nadu. There are nine hills in that area and on one of the hills is ‘Sathankotta’. Legend has it that those who venture there never return. The three friends are headed for the hill, hoping to prove the legend wrong.

“Each of the three gets an opportunity to do something. How they approach that opportunity and the consequences of their actions is what the story is all about,” says Vinil.

According to him, “In today’s world, even friendship is based on selfish interests. All of us have shades of grey within us but the difference is in how effectively we control the instinct.”

Unni Mukundan says that Albie, a techie, is someone who lives life on the edge. “He is a risk taker, jumping in head first without heeding the concerns of his friends or family. In that way, he is just like me,” explains the actor. He says he shed almost 17 kilos for the film.

“I had developed a paunch while shooting for Harikumar’s Kaattum Mazhayum and had to work really hard to get into shape,” he says.

Anu Mohan, who played the baddie in Theevram, says that his character Imran is a cinematographer. “The shooting itself was pretty risky. We traversed through forests and hills, all the while looking out for creepy-crawlies such as snakes and leeches,” says the actor.

Television anchor Pearle says that like her character, she is an adventure buff in real life too. Neelakasham Pachakkadal Chuvanna Bhoomi

The Last Supper is being produced by S. George under the banner of Cyn Cyl Celluloid. The film will hit screens on May 2. Ajayan Vincent is the cinematographer and Gopi Sundar is the music director. Stills are by Ramdas Mathur.