Empire Of The Sun

Steven Spielberg

This film revolves around the life of a young boy ‘Jamie’, torn apart by war during the Japanese invasion of China in WWII. A 12-year-old Christian Bale plays Jamie who is separated from his parents and has to look for ways to survive in war camps. Spielberg’s magic is evident throughout the movie where the boy creates an imaginary world of fun, curiosity and adventure not knowing the actual risks he is facing and ultimately lasts the odds.

Lawrence Of Arabia

David Lean

This is an epic movie based on the life of British army officer T.E. Lawrence and his service in Arabia during World War I. Not knowing he is used by many as a pawn for securing their motives, Lawrence goes on a dream chase discovering passion, making alliances and fighting wars. The performance of Peter 0’ Toole as Lawrence is magnificent. The film was nominated for a record 10 Academy award categories and won seven of them.

The Deer Hunter

Michael Cimino

A movie that explains how much the human mind is tormented by war, the film shows how wars scar the life of people, the way they think, their anxieties and how they react to others. The film depicts the consequences the Vietnam war had on soldiers and their families back home in America. Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken and Meryl Streep churn out excellent performances in this 1978 movie.

As Good As It Gets

James L. Brooks

How can a misanthrope, that too with an obsessive compulsive issue become caring and finally fall in love? Well Jack Nicholson does it all in this beautiful movie by James L. Brooks. The movie shows that actual humane nature and concern for the good exists in every person. The movie also stars Helen Hunt and both went on to win best actor and actress Academy awards in 1997.


Terry Gilliam

A philosophical, futuristic, dark comedy this 1985 movie has it all. The film revolves around Sam Lowry (Jonathan Pryce) a government employee given the task of correcting an admin error and how he ends up being sucked into the quagmire. Along with it are his delusions of beauty and happiness. However it is the settings and gizmos that make the movie completely novel. Robert De Niro also stars in the movie as Harry Tuttle.

Those that almost made it

Gladiator: Ridley Scott

Taxi Driver: Martin Scorsese

Inception: Christopher Nolan

Catch Me If You Can: Steven Spielberg

A Beautiful Mind: Ron Howard

The Truman Show: Peter Weir

Alex Nero is an assistant manager in a renewable energy company based in Thiruvananthapuram.