Asghar Farhadi

This Iranian movie which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 2011 is a delight to watch. A multi-dimensional movie which explores a family issue from the point of view of all the protagonists — the husband, wife, daughter, the husband’s father and finally the domestic help engaged to look after the father ailing from Alzheimer’s it forces the viewer to take the side of each protagonist and empathise with his/ her situation. The end will leave you gasping in awe.

The Lion of the Desert

Mustapha Akkad

One of Anthony Quinn’s best films, (he acts as Omar Mukhtar) this 1981 film depicts Libya’s freedom struggle in graphic detail without sacrificing poignancy. It’s a story of colonialism and independence well told.


Mani Rathnam

The Tamil version of this sweet film is worth seeing again and again just for the sake of its lilting music and photography, not to talk of the fresh acting talents Madhu and Arvind Swami. The crisp editing and fast pace in this story of terrorism hitting home makes the film a turning point in the history of Tamil movie making.


Guru Dutt

An evergreen movie on a theme much ahead of its times, one can only wonder at the topicality of the issues raised whenever one views it. The acting by Guru Dutt and Waheeda Rehman has set a standard that very few can hope to match. And finally, its musical score, both meaningful and melodious has very few parallels in Indian cinema.


Peter Glenville

The real story of Henry II and Thomas Becket is itself so full of dramatic ups and downs that any director could have made this movie a success. But with the acting talents of Peter O’ Toole and Richard Burton, this 1964 movie is a classic beyond comparison. The audience is literally transported to England of that period and become a participant in the struggle between the king and the archbishop.

Those that almost made it

Dr. Zhivago: David Lean

My Fair Lady: George Cukor

Khamoshi: Asit Sen

Sophie’s Choice: Alan J. Pakula

High Noon: Fred Zinnemann

Saransh: Mahesh Bhatt

True Grit: Coen brothers

Geetha Thoopal is a retired Railway officer who is based in Secunderabad. Her hobbies are watching good movies, old and new, and reading.