Following his roles in Kalloori, Valmiki, Nandhi and Masani, actor Akhil plays a petty thief in director Thirumavalavan’s Dhanush 5-aam Vaguppu. The story focusses on how the squabbles and misunderstandings between parents in the presence of their children affect the latter psychologically as they grow up. “One such child is Dhanush, played by Tarun, a Standard V student. He runs away from school to avoid going back home where his parents are always at loggerheads. I play a thief who robs the child’s school bag. He identifies me in a police line-up but I manage to escape and in the process take the child along to the nearby forests where we hide. Ironically, we both enjoy the freedom in our own ways till the villain (played by Nizhalgal Ravi) comes along,” says Akhil. Dhanush 5-aam Vaguppu has an intense script, capturing the feelings of people from different walks of life. Akhil is paired with Ashrita in the film which is fast nearing completion.

In the interest of society

Most films come with a social message. But, how it’s conveyed depends on the script, screenplay and, of course, the director. Let’s see how director Ghazali seeks to do this in his upcoming Saindhaadu Saindhaadu, starring Adharsh and Anu Krishna. Says Ghazali: “I have focussed on medical crime in my film. This family drama infused with comedy and action underlines the consequences of blindly taking medication. We are all aware that sometimes drugs are prescribed by medical practitioners based on the knowledge imparted to them by the manufacturers.The protagonist of my film is a victim of such an action. While the first half of the film is light, post-interval it gets serious as it delves deep into the subject matter. I am trying to get a leading doctor to give a message at the end of the film. If I succeed in this, my film will be complete and will be an important milestone in creating social awareness.”

Celebrating women

Director R. K. Kalaimani is elated. His forthcoming film, Apple Pennae, has not only received a U certificate, the Tamil Nadu Government has also given it tax-free status. “The film is women-centric and talks highly of women’s achievements,” says Kalaimani. This is his fourth film after the 2009 Vijayakanth-starrer, Engal Asan. “Apple Pennae is a suspense thriller as well as a family entertainer. Roja and Thambi Ramaiah play important roles. Vatsan, who did a small role in Engeyum Eppodum, has been cast as the hero opposite Aishwarya Menon. The highlight of the film, given the suspense thriller background, is the music by Mani Sharma,” says Kalaimani.