His Moths was given the Best Documentary Award at the Indo Russian Film Festival, Delhi (June 21) consequent to which director Venkatesh Kumar G (who is helming his forthcoming feature film Neelam) was selected to be part of an eight-member delegation representing India at a cultural exchange programme organised by the Federation of Humanitarian and Cultural Cooperation between India and Russia held in Moscow. “There we visited the MOS Films studio, interacted with the Russian Film Makers Union, met Kolosov, head and director of International Department, Pushkin Museum and Art Gallery of Russia. We also had a meeting with Konstantin Kosachev, head of the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo). We attended a Round Table Conference which was held to strengthen the bonding between the two countries at all levels of creative arts. While in Russia, I shot a documentary which I have called Feedback. This is about the greatness of Russian culture as I have seen it. This will be approximately of 30 minute’s duration when it is completed,” informs Venkatesh (seen seated in the centre in the accompanying photograph).

Fashion to films

From the world of fashion to the silver screen, it’s been quite an exciting journey for Kavya Shetty. She signed her first film in Tamil, Shivani, but it was Kavya’s second, Nam Duniya Nam Style in Kannada, that released first, recently. “While I am awaiting the release of Shivani with Sai Chandra as the hero, I have started work on my first Telugu film under the direction of Sitaram,” says Kavya. Her romantic duet track from Shivani has just been released as a teaser. The horror film, directed by Sai Gokul, is a bilingual in Tamil and Telugu. Meanwhile, Kavya has not neglected her modelling career. “It has taken a backseat but I still do an occasional one,” says Kavya.