“Don’t think this is a period costume drama with high-pitched dialogue frequently interspersed with songs, reminiscent of yesteryear devotional movies,” says director Gopal Ram of his upcoming film Sree Balaji Mahimai. “I play Srinivas, who sheds all family responsibilities to follow the Lord. His talent for devotional singing takes him to the city where he becomes a successful performing artiste. Fame and fortune follow. And he begins to ignore the Lord. Life takes a turn for the worse. How he returns to the path of devotion, giving up his wayward life forms the climax,” says Gopal Ram. Nitish Bharadwaj plays Lord Balaji.

A record film

Winning the Guinness World Records certification for shooting an entire film non-stop in 2 hours, 3 minutes and 30 seconds has given first-time director Mohamad Issack the confidence to plan the release of his Agadam in a big way. “A subject like this needs a wide release so that the message gets across to a larger audience. The story is based on a serious issue that took place in 2010. A socially-relevant message has been woven into the film. Agadam is not a documentary, but a typical feature film sans songs,” says Issack.

Love and failure

Choreographer Bobby Antony has done a unique promotional song, ‘Kadhala Kandupidichavan Yaru,’ for the upcoming Tamil film Kutralam. This song on love failure has been sung by Hyde Karty and EMCEE Bizmac. The promotional video features actors Riyaz Khan, film distributor Ayyappan and Bobby himself. Kutralam’s lead actor Vaali says, “I wanted to do this song in a big way to give the film the right kind of promotion. I am thankful to both Ayyappan and Riyaz, who is a good friend, for readily agreeing to be part of the video. Post-production work is on and we hope to launch the video shortly.”

Winning acclaim

She has been making her mark in character roles since her debut in 2009/10 in Ishqiya in Hindi and Pokkisham in Tamil. But it was her powerful portrayal of a single mother in Muppozhudum Un Karpanaigal (2012) that brought Anupama Kumar her first major award — the Vijay Award 2013 for Best Supporting Actress. While her Ponmalai Pozhudu and Moodar Koodam are in their post-production stage, Anupama has signed another Tamil film featuring Gautam Karthik and being directed by Ravi Thyagarajan. Anupama says, “My role in MUK was very challenging. I had to cut my hair short to suit the character of a widow who wants to avoid harassment and appear normal at home with her son played by Zubir, who grows up into Atharva.”