Three student-level productions led to two professionally done short films; with this, Elan has stepped onto the first rung of the success ladder. His fifth effort, V-Chithiram, has been taken up by producer C. V. Kumar to be made into a full-length feature. “I have just completed a course in Aeronautical Engineering and have been lucky to get a chance to pursue my passion, filmmaking, with someone of Kumar’s stature. His track record is terrific — Attakathi, Pizza and Soodhu Kavvum,” says Elan. Kumar’s sixth production is V-Chithiram, written and directed by Elan. “Apart from Simha who acted in my short film and will reprise his extended role in the feature film, all the others will be new,” says Elan.

Stylish role

She has managed to straddle Bollywood and Kollywood with remarkable performances in films such as English Vinglish and Ethir Neechal. Currently on her third Hindi film promo tour (for Fukrey), Priya Anand is excited about her forthcoming Tamil film, Vanakkam Chennai. “I am comfortable playing Anjali, a photographer from London. A stylish role, it requires me to sport fashionable clothes. In fact, I have used quite a few of my outfits for some scenes. The is a lot of excitement on the set, especially with a director like Kiruthiga around. Her capabilities have to be seen to be believed,” says Priya. Once this film is over, Priya will start work on Vai Raja Vai. She has also signed another Tamil film Arima Nambi with Vikram Prabhu.

Emotions ride high

Red may be just a colour. But it signifies a lot of emotions, says director Sathya Siva. According to him, it represents love, desire, anger, rebellion and even communism. Hence the title Sivappu for the film Sathya is making. Starring Rajkiran, Navin Chandra and Rupa Manjari, the film explores the emotional upheaval of Tamils who have fled Sri Lanka and taken refuge in India. “It was to escape oppression that they came to India. But, since 1983, all the refugees have been living in camps, without any identity of their own. They see that many of their contemporaries who have gone to other countries have been absorbed in the mainstream. This tempts them to resort to illegal ways to get out of this country, risking several dangers. Within this framework, I have woven a tender love story,” says Sathya.

Of dreams and aspirations

Just as a rainbow has seven colours, a man’s mind is filled with dreams and aspirations. This was the mindset of an elderly musician who dreamt of composing a symphony when his life comes to an abrupt end. Years later, his granddaughter, played by Manochitra, takes up the unfinished work and explores several avenues to fulfil her grandfather’s dream. This is when she meets a young man working in a music shop who has a keen ear for music. He promises to help her with the task, and gradually love blooms. This is the premise of Oru Vanavil Pola, directed by Hyder Ali along with his associate Sheikh. “Interestingly, we were fortunate to rope in Riyaz Sha, a talented musician from Dubai, to score the music for the film, which needed totally different treatment from the usual,” says Sheikh.