The line between television and movies is blurring with many established names seamlessly adapting themselves to both mediums. The latest to do so is VeeJay Prajin of Hello Hello fame, who has just returned from Dubai after completing his portions for the film Manal Nagaram. Earlier Prajin was seen along with Prithviraj in the Malayalam film Thriller, following which he did Tournament. Prajin’s debut in Tamil was Theekulikkum Pachaimaram, directed by Vinesh and Praveen. “Manal Nagaram is based on a true story. I travel from a village to Dubai to take up a job there to support my family. It also revolves around three friends who are interdependent. There’s emotions and romance in the air; I am paired with Tejaswini,” says Prajin whose second Tamil film, Pazhaya Vannarapettai, is ready for release.

Nothing but a cultural showcase

Aascar Ravichandran emphatically states that his forthcoming release, Thirumanam Enum Nikkah (TEN), does not have scenes that degrade any religion or caste, and that it’s a film for everybody. The intention is to showcase different cultures and our understanding of them, says Ravichandran. He plans to release the film around Ramzan. One actor who is eagerly awaiting its release is comedian Kishan. “TEN is an important film in my career, as I play the main comedian in it. I play Jai’s younger brother and we share some hilarious sequences onscreen. Mythili plays my love interest,” says Kishan.

Dancing with the stars

Among the many faces trying their hand at newer areas of filmmaking is established choreographer Dinesh, who has 130 films under his belt and won a National Award for Aadukalam. He is making his acting debut with Oru Kuppai Kathai. Aslam, who directed Pagan, produces the film and Kali Rangasami directs it; Kali had earlier assisted Aslam as well as Ezhil. Manisha Yadav is paired with Dinesh. What does the choreographer-turned-actor have to say about this? “Choreography is my first love. Having said that, if exciting roles come my way, I don’t mind taking them up. Director Kali felt that I would fit the lead role in Oru Kuppai Kathai to a T. Whether that’s a compliment or not, I cannot say. But, I found the role very exciting; I play a garbage collector in the slums,” says Dinesh.


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